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1. Storing your autograph collection in large photo binders is a great way for presentation and preservation. Keeping each photo on its own page behind the clear plastic sleeve is easy, convenient and good protection. Also, regular three ring binder school notebooks with three hole punched acetate or plastic sleeves are also a great choice for displaying and protection of your autographed photos. After you fill more than two binders, start standing them upright between bookends. Never lie them flat or stack the binders! Store the binders in a cool and dry area, away from heat and moisture!

2. If you choose to store your autographs seperately, place each one in a seperate actetate or plastic sleeve or between two sheets of fresh acid free paper in seperate large plastic bags, manila folders or envelopes and file them loosely, but firmly and upright, in a metal storage cabinet, a strong and sturdy covered box or plastic chest. Acetate and plastic sleeves, notebooks and photo binders can be purchased in any stationary store and most chain drug stores. Always keep the storage area clean and neat, and especially cool and dry! No basements or attics!

3. Framing your favorite autographed photos is a great way to enjoy your collection. When framing, always use a heavy mat board (even a double mat), so your autograph is not touching the glass. Also, keep your framed autograph away from direct sunlight and bright lights. Direct sunlight exposure over time will fade and ruin your photograph and autograph! Take care of them like a museum takes care of their paintings. If you can't avoid hanging it where it will get direct sunlight a few hours during the day, make sure that your framed autographed photo is covered during those hours.


1. If you bought or aquired this item for an investment, and you want to keep it in perfect condition, don't wear it, wash it or dry clean it! Put it on a good padded wooden hanger, and into an airtight garment bag, in a climate controlled area. Hang it in your closet away from sunlight. Also, airtight cedar hope chests are really great for storage! Handle it only with clean white cotton gloves!!!

2. Sharpie marker autographed clothing seems to be the best. If metallic markers were used, they tend to lose their luster over time, no matter what. Ball point pen signatures seem to be the best and longest lasting on baseballs.

3. If you choose to display it, take it to a professional framer, and have him double matt frame your jeresey with acid free matt board in non-glare glass. (Note: You do not want your autograph to touch the glass!). You may choose to use a regular frame, or a frame that has glass on both sides that you can hang from the ceiling or wall to display both sides of the jersey. Keep it away from any direct sunlight. Sunlight will fade and ruin the jersey and the autographs!

4. Some people just choose to wear their signed shirt for fun and have it dry cleaned once in a while. This will drastically decrease the value, but for some people that doesn't matter.

5. Autographed footballs and basketballscan be kept in good condition if you place them under a square acrylic cover, or a display case with glass doors, and display them away from direct sunlight in a temperature controlled room. Make sure you keep the football/basketball inflated, it may lose air over the years. Baseballs can be kept in their little plastic round holders on their little wooden bases, under the same conditions as the footballs. You may choose to replace the holders every 5-10 years due to discolorization or wear, etc.

6. Never, ever, keep your signed items in a hot attic, or a cold, damp basement!!!

7. Remember, time takes its toll on all of us and it is near impossible to keep everything in perfect condition, especially clothing! Age will add to the authenticity and to the appraisal of your item. Good Luck!!!


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